JCCC Graphic Design 25 Showcase

JCCC Graphic Design

25th Annual
Graduate Showcase


May 13 to May 30

Exhibition of work on display


Thurs, May 16

5 to 8 pm


Fine Arts + Design Building
Johnson County Community College

Meet our 2024 Graduates

Sarah Krawcheck

Sarah loves organizing visual information. She looks forward to a fruitful career in graphic design and tackling new creative challenges both on her own and as a team player. Using InDesign and other programs, she finds great fulfillment in completing projects and making clients’ dreams come true. She works well in the office and from home and loves exercising her brain in challenging and creative ways!

Jed Aldrich

Jed notices inconsistencies most might not. One might call it perfectionism, he calls it design. A UX/UI designer with two years of experience and a deep understanding of products in the startup space, he has worked closely with product teams, contributing to UX design, UI design, research, testing, design systems and more.

Allyson Farley

Everyone’s favorite local Helvetica apologist, with a passion for all things type and layout, Allyson is a multi–layered, perceptive, and friendly designer who takes a deeply analytical approach. Always striving to help others, she wants to enact good in the world in any way she can and looks forward to forever learning from those around her as she moves forward in her design career. Kachow 🙂

Briana Marxen-McCollom

A vibrant personality who loves tantalizing typography, Briana’s your go-to for advice, humor, and editorial insight. With a foundation in performing arts, she
appreciates that good design is more than just visuals, it’s a powerful narrative medium. A dedicated traveler with an unquenchable thirst for inspiration, Briana is driven by an ambition to better the world, standing tall at 6′ of pure awesomeness.

Jacob Garrett

A third culture individual, graphic designer, and visionary, Jacob enjoys branding, packaging, and illustration. He takes pride in the ability to do a variety of tasks required in the graphic design profession and embodies a design style that is nontraditional and inspired by exposure to different cultures.

Nae Mosher

Nae’s creative journey began as soon as she could hold a pencil. In high school, she was introduced to graphic design, and became enamored with how functional art can be. Nae enjoys challenges and learning new ways to create. She strives to build beautiful connections between brands using out-of-the-box methods, mixing traditional media skills with digital methods.

Marissa Whipple

Marissa’s specialties are illustration, logo design, and packaging. She enjoys working on her own projects just as much as she loves creating new ideas for others. When not busy with design, she can be found drawing, reading, or spending time with her puppy, Izzy.

Pac Brinkley

Pac is a graphic designer who tells captivating stories through layout and illustration. When not designing, he channels his creative energy into illustrations, constantly seeking inspiration to generate fresh ideas. Pac believes that design should be not only functional but also fun and visually striking. He is always pushing the boundaries, learning new techniques, and striving to achieve originality in his work.

Synclaire Conner

Synclaire focuses on illustration and making things look interesting. Synclaire loves applying her style to layout and package design to catch the eye of the viewer. An artist since she was little, being able to draw cool characters and make useful things is a dream come true.

Aislin Butt

Heyo! Aislin is a passionate graphic designer known for her creativity and strong work ethic. With a keen eye for design, she thrives in collabo-rative brainstorming sessions, where she excels at problem–solving and prioritizing usability. Aislin’s goal as a designer is to bring joy and create great experiences through the work. She looks forward to communicating and crafting brilliance together!


Fine Arts + Design Building

Fine Arts + Design Building
Johnson County Community College

12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210

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